Junhou Culture|"榫卯"

Release date:2019-05-15

Junhou Culture|"榫卯"

The film "榫卯", which was produced by our partner Li Jing, was the first nominee for the first Saipan International Film Festival, namely the best film, best screenwriter, best music, best actor. He won the Best Actor Award and was selected for the 26th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival. He was commended for the 14th Hong Kong Panda Film Festival and was selected as the "Guangdong Film Fashion: Guangdong Film Achievement Exhibition for the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up". On January 20th, our partners arranged a film special event to invite partners and customers to watch the movie in Guangzhou Tajinyi Air Film City.

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The film refers to the relationship between tradition and modernity, the relationship between the East and the West, the relationship between people, people and families, and people and society. Director Gan Xiaoer believes that architecture is an adult building block, and homesickness is the topic of all mankind. The film is mainly intended to guide the audience to reflect on the fading traditional culture and human relations.

Li Jing is a “cross-border” lawyer who is rarely a film producer in the industry. While providing professional legal services to clients, he also presents outstanding film and television works to the audience, adding different colors to the judicial community.

Lawyer profile

Li Jing, a law student at Huanan Normal University, has a bachelor's degree in law and is a legal practitioner. He is currently a partner of Guangdong Junhou Law Firm.

In recent years, he has focused on the direction of cultural media legal services, and has conducted in-depth research on the legal affairs of the film and television market, the art market, and the cultural media investment and financing. At the same time, cross-border film producers, representative works include cinema film "榫卯", large-scale documentary "four treasures of the study" and so on.

He is currently the Secretary-General of the Provincial Lawyers Association's Propaganda and Coordination Working Committee, the Deputy Director of the Lawyers' Cultural Construction Working Committee of the Municipal Lawyers Association, the Secretary General of the Cultural Law Business Committee of the Municipal Lawyers Association, and the First Council Member of the Guangzhou New Social Stratum Association. Member of the Network Audio-visual Program Review Committee of the Guangdong Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau and member of the Guangdong Film Association.