Marriage & Family Affairs and Public Service

Marriage housework

Jun has long been committed to the research and development of marriage and family related businesses. So far, he has handled a large number of litigation cases such as divorce, support, cohabitation, production, inheritance, and financial disputes; and provided pre-marriage (marriage) property agreements for a large number of middle and high-end customers. Special legal services and perennial private/family legal counsel for gifts, wills, debt segregation, equity allocation, family and corporate wealth inheritance.

Jun Hou’s legal services in this area include the following:

  • 01. Dispute resolution of transnational/domain marriage and property disputes
  • 02. Entrepreneur family management, including property/debt allocation design, etc.
  • 03. Drafting and signing of pre-marital/post-marital property agreement, gift, will, intentional guardianship agreement, pension agreement, etc.
  • 04. Disputes such as marriage, cohabitation, divorce, parent-child relationship, child support, etc., including agency negotiation, mediation, litigation
  • 05. Transnational/domain succession and dispute resolution
  • 06. Perennial private/family family legal counseling services
  • 07. Family and family business wealth management, including management inheritance system design, shareholding structure setting, trust design, insurance allocation, immigration plan, etc.
  • 08. Dispute resolution of wills, bequests, inheritance, etc., including agency negotiation, mediation, litigation

Public service

Adhering to the social responsibility concept of serving the society, Junhou is committed to various charitable activities. It has been rated as “Advanced Unit of Public Welfare Legal Service in Tianhe District” and “Advanced Collective of Legal Aid Work in Tianhe District” for many years. Jun has long insisted on providing free legal services to vulnerable groups and contributing to the maintenance of fairness and justice in the law. Mr. Jun has received dozens of legal aid cases each year to provide professional and effective legal services to those who cannot afford the lawyer's fees. Jun Hou also long-term legal counseling station "Tianhe Park Mingfa Pavilion" "Guangdong Neutral Legal Service Agency" sent a lawyer on duty to provide free legal advice"; In addition, Jun Hou lawyer actively participated in community justice offices, law firms " In addition to actively participating in public welfare legal services, Jun Hou lawyers actively participate in social charity activities such as donation of aid, donation and disaster relief, and give back to the society as much as possible.

The public welfare activities carried out by Jun Hou include:

  • 01. Donation
  • 02. Public welfare watch
  • 03. “Junhou Charity Fund”
  • 04. Launched “9·25” and “12·4” popularization activities
  • 05. A legal advisor to a village (community) in more than 30 communities
  • 06. Launched the legal aid public welfare project for the construction of beautiful villages in the cave village
Representative lawyer