Mergers & Acquisitions and Bankruptcy Liquidation

Mergers and acquisitions

Mr. Jun has provided M&A advisory services to listed companies and domestic and foreign companies of all forms and natures, including industries such as minerals, transportation, finance, manufacturing, real estate, utilities, infrastructure, high technology, network information, medicine, and food. , services, etc.

In the process of engaging in mergers and acquisitions, Junhou has relied on a strong professional team to analyze, judge, grasp and solve the legal issues and issues of the project, the legal design of the M&A plan, the legal and rational production of the M&A documents, and the effective assistance of commercial negotiations. , M&A contracts, compliance tracking services, etc., can provide valuable advice and help customers solve a large number of difficult and complex problems.

The services provided by Jun Hou in this field mainly include:

  • 01. Acted as a project-specific legal counsel to provide a full range of legal services
  • 02. Comprehensive analysis and judgment on the main body of the M&A project, legal relationship, legal substance, and industry-related fields, and issue legal opinions and suggestions accordingly
  • 03. M&A Project Legal Compliance Review
  • 04. Participate in legal due diligence related to M&A projects, and propose legal design based on this, to participate in the optimization of transaction structure design
  • 05. Participate in business negotiation of M&A projects, propose legal opinions, assist and optimize project commercial terms according to law
  • 06. Drafting, reviewing, and improving asset or equity transfer or acquisition contracts during project implementation, and other related transaction documents
  • 07. Provide legal advice and administrative procedures for administrative approval, filing, registration, etc.
  • 08. Assist in handling the delivery procedures and track the performance of the relevant contracts and agreements


Jun has the qualifications of the Guangdong Provincial Bankruptcy Administrator, and the laws provided in this field include:

  • 01. Company dissolution and liquidation
  • 02. Company bankruptcy reorganization
  • 03. Corporate bankruptcy protection
  • 04. Disposal of non-performing assets
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