Company Affairs

Legal counsel

Jun Jun has a group of lawyers with high level of policy and professional quality. Some lawyers graduated from MBA, economics and other majors. They have experience in government departments, various types of companies and commercial organizations. They understand Chinese society, have extensive social knowledge and good comprehensive ability, and have the ability to satisfy clients' perennial legal counsel. And the needs of special legal counsel.

The services provided by Jun Hou in the field of legal counsel are:

  • 01. Acting as a legal counsel and special legal counsel for the government and its departments
  • 02. Provide legal argument for major administrative decisions
  • 03. Undertake drafting of administrative normative documents
  • 04. Undertake the authority of the administrative agency
  • 05. Provides compliance review of contracts signed by the government
  • 06. Acting as legal counsel for Chinese and foreign companies
  • 07. Providing legal counsel to natural persons
  • 08. Special legal counsel for various companies, various economic organizations and natural persons for a specific matter
  • 09. Provide due diligence report on investment decisions
  • 10. Provide legal analysis report
  • 11. Issue legal opinion

Equity design

The services provided in the field of equity design mainly include:

  • 01. Charter Design and Production
  • 02. Design of the share structure
  • 03. Design of voting rights framework
  • 04. Design of the rules of the shareholders' meeting
  • 05. Design of the rules of the board of directors
  • 06. Guiding the convening and holding of the shareholders (big) meeting
  • 07. Production of resolutions of shareholders (large)
  • 08. Guidance from the Board of Directors
  • 09. Production of board resolutions
  • 10. Shareholders withdraw from company design
  • 11. Merger and separation
  • 12. Production of share transfer agreement
  • 13. Partnership Share Transfer Agreement Production
  • 14. Partner exits partnership design
  • 15. Production of shareholding agreement
  • 16. Equity financing
  • 17. Equity incentive plan design
  • 18. Restructuring and property rights transactions

Compliance operation

Jun Hou provides a full range of legal advice on compliance and corporate governance issues in all areas including employment, environmental protection, anti-bribery, government procurement, intellectual property, international trade, privacy and personal information protection. Junhou's corporate governance and compliance program can help you reduce and avoid the risk of administrative penalties and civil liability, criminal liability, and other legal risks that may affect your business. We maintain your reputation and brand.

We tailor a compliance program for your business and take into account your existing organizational and management structure, industry characteristics and cultural context when planning. We also provide advice and services to help you resolve internal or external complaints or litigation and other legal risk management issues.

Jun Hou provides services in compliance with:

  • 01. Compliance Legal Opinion
  • 02. Compliance Review
  • 03. Corporate Governance
  • 04. Anti-commercial bribery
  • 05. Administrative investigation in areas such as food safety
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