Foreign-Related Law

Foreign investment

Mr. Jun has extensive experience in foreign investment. We have represented many foreign clients in China, including opening new businesses and acquiring domestic target companies.

Our main services in this area include:

  • 01. For the establishment and change of foreign-invested enterprises, handle the corresponding approval and registration procedures, and produce the articles of association and other documents on their behalf.
  • 02. Conducting due diligence for foreign-invested companies, producing investment strategy plans, investment environment analysis reports and other types of legal reports
  • 03. Advising on the approval and registration of the Chinese government, and handling the corresponding procedures
  • 04. Serving as a perennial legal counsel, providing legal services for the daily operations of foreign-invested companies in China, and producing various legal documents on their behalf.
  • 05. Helping foreign companies to make equity acquisitions or asset acquisitions for Chinese companies, including making design investment plans, developing acquisition contract documents, participating in acquisition negotiations, etc.
  • 06. Provide full legal services for the restructuring, merger, division, closure and liquidation of foreign-invested enterprises
  • 07. Provide negotiation services in the communication and negotiation between foreign-invested enterprises and various government agencies and other institutions
  • 08. On behalf of the foreign citizen's residence permit in China
  • 09. Provide legal translation services in English and Japanese

Cross-border trade

The main services of cross-border trade include:

  • 01. Service Trade and Legal Affairs of Goods and Processing Trade
  • 02. Marine transportation and insurance business
  • 03. Overseas debt collection

Overseas Investment

In the field of overseas investment, we have established long-term and close cooperation with more than 20 law firms in Europe, the United States, South America, India and other regions and countries. These overseas lawyers usually have a reputation in the local area and are familiar with the laws at the time. And culture. The combination of Chinese and foreign lawyers can provide high-quality legal services and can effectively reduce the cost of legal fees, becoming the choice of Chinese companies or high-net-worth asset families who are increasingly interested in investing overseas.

Jun Hou’s services in this area include:

  • 01. Assisting Chinese clients investing in immigrants in countries such as the United States to conduct legal source review
  • 02. Through our partnerships with overseas law firms, accounting firms and investment banks, we assist Chinese clients in finding and screening investment projects and providing all legal services related to investment projects, including but not Limited to due diligence, transaction negotiation, drafting of transaction documents, etc.
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