Litigation and Arbitration

The criminal business is one of the traditional businesses of Junhou. The lawyers have hundreds of criminal cases each year and have extensive criminal business experience. Jun has a strong team of lawyers in the criminal business field. Some lawyers have worked as prosecutors, judges, and police officers. Some have served as leaders of government departments or as professors of criminal law in higher education institutions, so that Jun Hou is practicing in practice. Operation and theoretical research go hand in hand and have achieved impressive results. At the investigation stage, Jun Hou successfully obtained the result of revoking the case for the client and avoided the investigation of criminal responsibility. He repeatedly applied for the customer's request for bail pending trial, as well as the determination of surrender and meritorious deeds, and used effective defense. The client won the verdict of not prosecuting, acquitting, exemption from criminal punishment, control, probation, short sentence, and immediate execution of the death penalty to death, effectively safeguarding the legal rights of criminal suspects and defendants.

Jun Hou’s litigation and arbitration business covers the fields of business, civil and administrative law. The services provided by Jun Hou in this field mainly include:

  • 01. Legal Advice
  • 02. Write a complaint and other legal documents
  • 03. Provide case analysis and advice
  • 04. Design litigation strategy
  • 05. Provide case solutions
  • 06. Participation in the statement and defense of the prior notification stage of administrative punishment
  • 07. Participate in administrative applications and administrative reconsideration
  • 08. Apply for property preservation and evidence preservation
  • 09. on behalf of filing a lawsuit / arbitration
  • 10. on behalf of the defense
  • 11. on behalf of counterclaim/anti-request
  • 12. Apply for a court investigation order
  • 13. Negotiation and mediation
  • 14. Appearing in court
  • 15. on behalf of the appeal
  • 16. Agent retrial
  • 17. Acting as the agent for the execution of judgments and arbitral awards
  • 18. Preventive measures and programs for designing litigation risks
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