Criminal Affairs

The criminal business is one of the traditional businesses of Junhou. The lawyers have hundreds of criminal cases each year and have extensive criminal business experience. Jun has a strong team of lawyers in the criminal business field. Some lawyers have worked as prosecutors, judges, and police officers. Some have served as leaders of government departments or as professors of criminal law in higher education institutions, so that Jun Hou is practicing in practice. Operation and theoretical research go hand in hand and have achieved impressive results. At the investigation stage, Jun Hou successfully obtained the result of revoking the case for the client and avoided the investigation of criminal responsibility. He repeatedly applied for the customer's request for bail pending trial, as well as the determination of surrender and meritorious deeds, and used effective defense. The client won the verdict of not prosecuting, acquitting, exemption from criminal punishment, control, probation, short sentence, and immediate execution of the death penalty to death, effectively safeguarding the legal rights of criminal suspects and defendants.

The services provided by Jun Hou in this field mainly include:

Litigation business:

  • 01. Provide legal advice
  • 02. Provide case analysis and advice
  • 03. Provide case solutions
  • 04. Know the crimes to the case handling agency
  • 05. Meet the party
  • 06. Apply for bail pending trial
  • 07. At the stage of investigation and prosecution, issue a lawyer's opinion
  • 08. Try to be self-sufficient and stand up for merits
  • 09. Investigation and evidence collection
  • 10. Court defense
  • 11. Providing victims with services after entering the criminal proceedings
  • 12. Appeal, Complaint
  • 13. Retrial defense
  • 14. on behalf of the report
  • 15. Agent with criminal incidental civil action or separate civil action
  • 16. Litigation services during the review phase of the death penalty

Non-litigation business:

  • 01. Provides compliance review and review of various subjects involved in criminal legal risks
  • 02. Design and production of criminal legal risk prevention programs
  • 03. Provide due diligence on criminal legal risks
  • 04. Organizational expert argumentation
  • 05. Provide education and prevention training for criminal legal risk prevention
  • 06. Provides lectures on criminal procedure law and criminal law
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