Labor and Human Resources

Jun has a first-class team of professional lawyers in labor law. He is not only good at helping clients to establish labor and human resources management systems and handling daily labor affairs, but also good at handling labor law issues and labor disputes involved in complex commercial transactions. Representing large companies in dealing with a large number of complex labor law businesses.

The services we provide in the field of labor mainly include

  • 01. Risk assessment, creation and upgrade of human resources management processes and regulations
  • 02. Serving as a corporate labor security legal advisor to provide personalized labor relations crisis prevention and solutions
  • 03. Drafting and reviewing various rules and regulations and contract texts such as employee codes, labor contracts, training agreements, confidentiality agreements, and non-competition agreements
  • 04. Layoffs or staff placement in corporate restructuring, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and liquidation procedures
  • 05. Labor protection, work injury and occupational disease treatment
  • 06. Collective bargaining and group dispute resolution
  • 07. In-house training, labor training
  • 08. Labor dispute mediation, arbitration and litigation
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