Jun Hou Qualification | The Firm was nominated as the first-level lawyer library of China National Petroleum Corporation

Release date:2019-05-13

Recently, Li Li, a senior partner of the firm, took the lead to participate in the bidding of the first-level lawyers' library (disputed resolution category) of China National Petroleum Corporation. On January 8, the firm became one of the three finalists in Guangdong Province.

(winning notice)

The firm is a Guangzhou-based law firm and an excellent law firm with a background in different professions. The rich professional background enables our lawyers to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of customer needs. This successful finalist is a full affirmation of Li Li's long-term legal service for the China National Petroleum Corporation and the excellent service performance.

Lawyer profile

Li Li is a law student at Shantou University and holds a bachelor's degree in law. He is now a legal practitioner. From 1998 to 2001, he worked for the United States Group Corporation and was responsible for all aspects of the legal department of the group company. In 2013, he joined Guangdong Junhou Law Firm as a senior partner.

Mr. Li has extensive experience in corporate law, contract law, labor law and foreign investment law. He is particularly good at handling litigation in various types of contract disputes, labor disputes, infringements and unfair competition, as well as corporate investment mergers and acquisitions, major assets. Non-litigation business such as transfer.