Good News from Junhou|Warmly Celebrate Junhou’s Official Entry into ALLIURIS International Business Law Firm Alliance

Release date:2020-06-19

ALLIURIS A.S.B.L. is an alliance of international business law firms, designed to support its members. This professional organization is a non-profit association (assocrafion sans but lucratif) established in April 2003 under Belgian law and registered with the Brussels Business Registration Office. In addition to complying with the ethical standards of the European Bar Association, ALLIURIS and its member firms also abide by the ALLIURIS Code of Conduct. The goal of the alliance is to strengthen the skills and quality of its member firms so that they can provide the best service to their clients.

ALLIURIS International Business Law Firm Alliance officially accepted the application of Guangdong Junhou Law Firm on June 9, 2020, and listed Guangdong Junhou Law Firm as its Chinese member. ALLIURIS International Union of Business Law Firms accepts only one law firm as a full member in each country.

After Junhou joins ALLIURIS, he can further provide our clients with better and more professional global legal business services. When a customer needs international legal services, just establish a service relationship with ALLIURIS, and the customer can obtain accurate services from all ALLIURIS members.

As of June 2020, ALLIURIS member firms have covered 16 European countries including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey. It also covers 4 American countries including the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, and 2 Asian countries including China and India.

The goal of ALLIURIS is to provide customers with accurate services from all over the world. "Alliuris Excellence: One lawyer cannot be excellent everywhere. Alliuris provides a centre of excellence in every jurisdiction." A lawyer cannot excel in any place, but ALLIURIS can help clients find excellent lawyers for them in every jurisdiction Provide services.

Guangdong Junhou Law Firm joined ALLIURIS International Business Law Firm Alliance, which represents the affirmation of the law firm by the International Lawyers Union, and also marks the firm’s participation in building a global legal industry alliance system, which is a major development in our international legal business.