Trade and Investment Industry

Main achievement:

  • 01. Guangdong Yuecai Investment Co., Ltd. and Bank of China Investment Co., Ltd. transferred the equity of Founder Securities;
  • 02. Guangzhou Taibo Trading Co., Ltd. Asset restructuring project;
  • 03. Analyze the possible legal risks of EB-5 project documents for Chinese immigration agencies or investors, assist in negotiating with the project party on the terms of investor protection in the project documents, and successfully request the project The party revised the provisions of its project documents on employment allocation, fund supervision and other aspects to strengthen the protection of investors;
  • 04. Helped investors and their immigration agents find and organize the South Atlantic Regional Center at the Palm House EB-5 project in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. About 50 Chinese investors formed a rights protection team and acted as the overall leader of activism actions, assisting investors in selecting and hiring local litigation lawyers in the United States to participate in litigation strategy development and regulatory litigation. The case filed a civil lawsuit in the United States in November 2016 and actively cooperated with local government agencies to investigate possible fraudulent crimes in this case.
  • 05. As an investor lawyer representative for the Cincinnati apartment project in the United States, he hired a US lawyer to participate in a civil lawsuit in the US federal court to recover compensation from the project fraud party.
Representative lawyer