Recreation & Sports, Entertainment and Education Industry

Main achievement:

  • 01. Issued a legal opinion for the capital increase and expansion project of Guangdong China Travel (Nanhai) Tourism Investment Co., Ltd.;
  • 02. Provide Chinese legal opinion for the merger and acquisition project of Hong Kong Yinshi Group (under the Hutchison Group) in Hong Kong;
  • 03. Provide special legal counsel for the restructuring project of Guangdong Nanhu Tourism Center;
  • 04. Shenzhen Zhengzheng Huashi Culture Development Co., Ltd. v. Xinghui Tianji (Beijing) Film and Television Media, Dongguan Xinghui Tianji Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. copyright ownership, infringement disputes;
  • 05. Expert of the Network Audiovisual Program Review Committee of the Guangdong Press, Publication and Broadcasting Bureau;
  • 06. The filmmaker's cinema film "榫卯" won the "Most Potential Film Project" award for Guangzhou University Students in 2016; the 26th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film in September 2017 The new film festival was awarded with new films; in December 2017, it was nominated for the best film, best script, best actor (winning) and best music nominations for the main competition of the Symbian International Film Festival.
Representative lawyer