Construction and Real-Estate Industry

Main achievement:

  • 01. Provide Chinese legal opinion for the merger and acquisition project of Hong Kong Yinshi Group (under the Hutchison Group) in Hong Kong;
  • 02. Guangzhou Huaying Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. provides a full range of legal services for debt restructuring, acquisition and redevelopment of the Guangdong International Trade Building's unfinished building project;
  • 03. Evergrande Real Estate Group, Suning Real Estate Group and Foshan New Town Management Committee jointly developed a real estate contract dispute case;
  • 04. Foshan Suning Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Foshan Shunde District Land and Resources City Construction and Water Resources Bureau land transfer contract dispute.
  • 05. Qingyuan Jiali Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.; Qingyuan Jiali Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Jieyadi (Qingyuan) Co., Ltd.
  • 06. A case involving a directly affiliated institution of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and China Huaxing Guangdong Industrial Development Co., Ltd. to develop a commercial housing dispute;
  • 07. Case of construction contract dispute between Guangdong Haiyin Yongye (Group) Co., Ltd. and China Chemical Engineering No. 13 Construction Engineering Company;
  • 08. The dispute between the construction of Jian'an (Group) Company of Shantou City and Guangzhou Construction Machinery Construction Co., Ltd.;
  • 09. Guangzhou Huadu Third Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Huaxing Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. Construction project quality and engineering disputes;
  • 10. Guangzhou Kaixing Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Gaoli International Property Services Co., Ltd. consignment planning and sales contract disputes;
  • 11. Settlement dispute between Jihao Real Estate (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Bank;
  • 12. Guangzhou Gaoxin Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Baoma Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • 13. Disputes over the construction project of Guangdong Chemical Fiber Research Institute and Jiangdu Tangtou Construction and Installation Engineering Company;
  • 14. Guangzhou Kaixing Real Estate Co., Ltd. and more than 200 home buyers of commercial housing pre-sale contract disputes;
  • 15. Guangzhou Jiayu Property Management Co., Ltd. and Jiabao Huating Small Property Owners Property Management Contract Dispute Case;
  • 16. On behalf of Hunan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan and many other construction engineering companies, they recovered the project funds through litigation, and then collected tens of millions of yuan for the parties in the form of mediation and execution, and safeguarded the legality of the parties. interest.
Representative lawyer