Wonderful review of Jun Hou Night

Release date:2019-05-17

      January 18, "Jun Hou Night" He was grandly held at the Park Hyatt Guangzhou, and was attended by the Guangdong Junhou Law Firm. The evening was full of highlights and many highlights were worth checking back and forth.

      Guangdong Junhou Law Firm was established in July 1996 and is headquartered at 14th Floor, Industrial Bank Building, 101 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou. It now has Huangpu Branch and Florida, Virginia. An overseas office is a Guangzhou-based regulatory management law firm and an excellent management law firm. In July 2016, approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice, Junhou was successfully transformed into the third special general partnership law firm in Guangzhou.

      Jun Hou advocates the business cooperation model of “all lawyers do their best, the group does their best”, strengthens the professional-oriented team legal services, and rationally sets up financial securities laws according to business characteristics and professional division of labor. Business departments such as the Ministry of Affairs, the Intellectual Property Law Department, the Real Estate Legal Affairs Department, the Foreign Legal Affairs Department, the Corporate Legal Affairs Department, the Labor and Personnel Legal Affairs Department, the Criminal Legal Affairs Department, and the Civil Legal Affairs Department. people.

      Junhou has established a strict and standardized internal control system in business process and quality management to ensure consistent and high quality legal services. At the same time, we actively cooperate with legal colleagues in different countries and regions to establish a close global service network to meet the growing demand for cross-border investment legal services.

      In the context of economic globalization and the “One Belt, One Road” era, Junhou will continue to set up overseas offices in the countries along the “Belt and Road” countries such as the United States, France, Australia and Cambodia, in line with his professional advantages. Junhou Construction has become a new international law firm headquartered in Guangzhou with a certain number of overseas offices, providing customers with one-stop global legal services.