"Jun Hou Law Forum" started! ! !

Release date:2019-05-17

      In this era of accelerated knowledge sharing, how can we improve our professional capabilities?

      In order to strengthen our lawyers' in-depth understanding of various businesses and improve the professional ability and practice level of our lawyers in handling various cases, we are now officially launching the "Jun Hou Law Forum" series of activities. This event is a free open lecture. We welcome our lawyers and customers to participate!

      The first lecture notice

⊙ "Experience sharing of China's first ad hoc arbitration case"

(Speaker: Lawyer Huang Xiangguang)

⊙ "Focus on the Local Government's Investment Promotion: The Practice of Cross-contract Disputes in the People's Bank of China"

(Speaker: Lawyer Lai Weijian)

"Looking at cross-border tax planning under the new tax situation"

(Speaker: Feng Jiajia, lawyer)

⊙ "Private Fund Contract Disputes"

(Speaker: Gong Ke fans)

⊙ "National Assets Free Transfer of Legal Practice"

(Speaker: Lawyer Liu Jing)

⊙ Labor Law Practice

(Speaker: Lawyer Ouyang Feng)

⊙ "Intellectual Property Law Agency Practice"

(Speaker: Lawyer Li Zhiguo)

⊙ "Ethical Business Law Interpretation and Application Practice"

(Speaker: Lawyer Zhou Junwei)

⊙ "Interpretation of the New Law of the Express Industry"

(Speaker: Lawyer Zhang Dengmin)

      The first lecture will invite Li Zhiguo to teach the "Intellectual Property Law Agency Practice" for everyone. The specific arrangements are as follows:

      Time: March 7th, 2019, 15:00-17:00

      Venue: Meeting Room of Junhou Institute (14th Floor, Industrial Bank Building, 101 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou)

      Lecture content: Agent skills in software copyright infringement disputes

      Speaker Profile: Li Zhiguo, Bachelor of Law, Wuhan University, Master of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA, Adjunct Professor of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. Business expertise is in intellectual property law. Li Zhiguo is currently a director of the China Copyright Association, a lawyer of the national foreign-related leading talent lawyers, an intellectual property expert of the Guangdong Intellectual Property Office, a foreign intellectual property lawyer of the Guangdong Lawyers Association, and a deputy director of the Copyright Committee of the Guangzhou Lawyers Association.

      Other lectures will be announced separately, please pay close attention and participate!