The Institute successfully held a special lecture on "Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust Legal Practice"

Release date:2019-05-13

      The second section of the "Junhou Law Big Lecture Hall" was held in the conference room of the firm on April 29, and was lectured by Supervisor and Senior Partner of the Firm, Mr. Feng Jiajia, and Colleagues share the real estate investment trust in Singapore ("Real Estate Investment Trust") ("REITs ") knowledge.

In the lecture hall, Mr. Feng Jiajia introduced the REITs from the legal structure, transaction structure, collection methods, operation methods, etc., and the Singapore REITs and the current Chinese market. The class REITs made a simple comparison, letting everyone have a more intuitive understanding of the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of REITs. At the same time, Mr. Feng also introduced to a Chinese real estate trust, the Sands Real Estate Investment Trust, which was subscribed by international investors in 2018, so that everyone can rationally optimize the enterprise through how the company is listed through the trust. The capital structure has a new understanding of the strategic transformation of the company's light assets.

Subsequently, Mr. Feng also shared her experience in the "Surrounding Training Course for Foreign-Invested Lawyers in Guangdong Province (Singapore)" organized by the Guangdong Provincial Lawyers Association during the 3 month. Mr. Feng conducted a two-week study tour at a law firm in Singapore, and conducted in-depth exchanges with the company's peers. While establishing a good cooperative relationship, he also had a deeper understanding of how to build a professional and detailed law. In the lecture hall, I put forward my own opinions and suggestions on how to provide more professional legal services.

Introduction to lawyers

Fr. Jia Jiajia, Bachelor of Law, Southwest University. From the time of 2012, he has been a senior partner since he was practicing in Junhou. Areas of specialization: corporate, M&A and asset disposal; global asset planning and protection for high-net-worth clients; infrastructure construction. Industry Honor: Honorary Certificate of “Outstanding Contribution to Promote International Business” issued by the California Parliament; Excellent Propaganda Liaison of Guangzhou Lawyers Association (2013, 2014, 2016); Selected as a leading talent pool for foreign lawyers in Guangdong Province.