The second session of the Grand Law

Release date:2019-05-13

You have been waiting for the baby, and the second "Junhou Law Forum"

Start talking! ! !

      The first lecture by Li Zhiguo on the "the theory, practice and agency strategy of software copyright infringement dispute cases" was enthusiastically received by the participants, let's fight hot!

In the second "Jun Hou Law Forum", we also invited Senior Partner Feng Jiajia's keynote speech, dry goods, absolutely not to be missed! The specific arrangements are as follows:


Location:Junhou Office Meeting Room (14th Floor, Industrial Bank Building, 101, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou)

Lecture topic: How export companies adapt to CRS and changes in the new foreign exchange situation

Introduction to the speaker: Mr. Feng Jiajia, Bachelor of Law, Southwest University. From the time of 2012, he has been a senior partner since he was practicing in Junhou. Areas of specialization: corporate, M&A and asset disposal; global asset planning and protection for high-net-worth clients; infrastructure construction. Industry Honor: Honorary Certificate of “Outstanding Contribution to Promote International Business” issued by the California Parliament; Excellent Propaganda Liaison of Guangzhou Lawyers Association (2013, 2014, 2016); Selected as a leading talent pool for foreign lawyers in Guangdong Province.