Li Zhiguo lawyer's intellectual property team won the "excellent team of intellectual property litigation in 2021"

Release date:2022-04-02

Recently, Guangdong Provincial Association for the promotion of intellectual economy organized the selection of "excellent team in intellectual property litigation in 2021". After registration, evaluation, publicity and other procedures, the organizers selected a total of 12 excellent teams. Finally, the intellectual property team of lawyer J&J and Li Zhiguo stood out from many excellent teams and was successfully selected!

This award fully demonstrates the achievements and influence of lawyer Li Zhiguo's intellectual property team in Guangdong intellectual property law practice, and also fully demonstrates the excellent ability of the intellectual property team to handle intellectual property cases.

Introduction to the winning team

Intellectual property team of lawyer Li Zhiguo of Guangdong J&J law firm

Led by lawyer Li Zhiguo, the intellectual property legal service team of Guangdong J&J law firm specializes in intellectual property litigation and non litigation legal services. The team has the qualification of patent application agency and trademark application agency. In the past three years, the team has undertaken more than 200 intellectual property litigation cases, applied for nearly 1000 patents, nearly 1000 trademarks and filed nearly 800 copyrighted works, providing legal services for the creation, management, application and protection of intellectual property for many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.