Lawyer Li Zhiguo and lawyer Huang Shengyou were selected as "excellent cases of Lingnan intellectual property litigation in 2021"

Release date:2022-04-06

Recently, Guangdong Intellectual Economy Development Promotion Association and Guangzhou Lawyers Association jointly organized the selection of "2021 Lingnan intellectual property litigation excellent cases". According to the selection procedure, the organizer evaluated 93 cases and selected 30 excellent cases. Among them, the "dispute case of infringement of the exclusive right of integrated circuit layout design between Zhuhai Siwang Semiconductor Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen xinzhirui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd." represented by J&J's lawyer Li Zhiguo and lawyer Huang Shengyou was successfully selected and commended.

Introduction to award-winning cases

Integrated circuit layout design, also known as chip design, belongs to China's cutting-edge industry. The originality of chip design is different not only from the originality expressed in copyright law, but also from the creativity of technical features in patent law. Based on its particularity and in view of the achievements of relevant special legislation in the United States, China also protects the exclusive right of chip design through special legislation.

         The specialty of chip design is very strong, and the infringement cases of exclusive rights of chip design have high requirements for the legal cultivation and technical details of intellectual property of the litigation participants. The case has gone through four trials in Shenzhen intermediate people's court and one trial in the Supreme People's court for two and a half years. In order to find out the technical characteristics and relevant legal rules of the lawsuit in this case, the two lawyers of this office visited the plaintiff's technical engineers for many times before and after, consulted relevant Chinese and American precedents, studied relevant Chinese and American legal rules, and independently completed evidence collection, laying a solid foundation for the final victory of this case. The final judgment of the Supreme People's Court on this case also demonstrates China's firm determination to provide strong protection for today's stuck chip industry.

Introduction to award winning lawyers

Lawyer Li Zhiguo

Lawyer Li Zhiguo, Bachelor of law from Wuhan University, master of law from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) (majoring in American intellectual property law and international intellectual property law), senior partner of Guangdong Jinglun junhou law firm and director of intellectual property law professional committee. He has been engaged in full-time lawyer since 2002 and has been practicing for nearly 20 years. For many years, he has focused on the field of intellectual property rights. He is now the deputy director of the Copyright Law Committee of Guangzhou Bar Association, the off campus part-time tutor of postgraduates majoring in master of law from the school of law of Wuhan University, the part-time professor of the school of law of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and foreign trade, and the tutor of postgraduates majoring in law. He has been recognized as the leader of foreign-related lawyers of the all China Bar Association The first National Postdoctoral innovation and entrepreneurship competition national finals evaluation experts, Guangdong foreign lawyers leading talents, Guangdong Intellectual Property Office intellectual property experts, Guangzhou intellectual property rights protection assistance experts, national copyright trade base (Yuexiu) think tank experts, Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Association intellectual property experts, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone "ten hundred thousand" intellectual property quality improvement project intellectual property instructors Experts in intellectual property rights protection assistance and protection of key industries in Baiyun District, Guangzhou.

      The intellectual property cases represented by him have won the "top ten typical cases of Guangdong service innovation driven development of Guangdong Provincial High Court", "top ten foreign-related intellectual property cases award in Guangdong", "top ten typical cases award of intellectual property civil administration of Guangzhou court", "top ten typical cases award of Guangzhou intellectual property court service and guarantee of scientific and technological innovation", "second prize of foreign-related cases of Guangdong Lawyers Association", "excellent cases of Lingnan intellectual property litigation" "Guangzhou Lawyers Association Business Achievement Award" and many other awards. He has published professional papers for many times, involving many fields, such as "remuneration for service invention", "sports event program protection", "copyright infringement of computer software", "copyright protection of architectural works", "standard necessary patent royalties", "improvement clauses in technical contracts", "legal risks of intellectual property rights in animation industry", etc. He has been invited to give lectures on the legal practice of intellectual property or give special lectures on intellectual property for government organs, institutions, social organizations, companies and enterprises for many times.

Lawyer Huang Shengyou

Lawyer Huang Shengyou, a master of law from Southwest University of political science and law, is currently the deputy director of the intellectual property professional committee of Guangdong Jinglun junhou law firm and the rights protection expert of the national copyright trade base (Yuexiu). Professional fields include intellectual property litigation, civil and commercial litigation and criminal defense. It has rich experience in handling intellectual property litigation and trademark unfair design cases, and has rich experience in the field of intellectual property rights and integrated circuits. Provide long-term and stable intellectual property legal services for many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. He has successfully acted as an agent in many cases of second instance revision of intellectual property infringement, and many cases handled and co handled have won the typical case award of intellectual property.