Lawyers Zhang dengmin and Liao Limin were invited to carry out the special training on "compliance self inspection of private fund managers in 2022" for JINDA investment fund

Release date:2022-04-12

Recently, the exchange accepted the entrustment of Guangzhou JINDA Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JINDA investment fund") and formed a professional service team composed of Lawyer Zhang dengmin, lawyer Liao Limin and Zheng runlin (trainee lawyer) to provide perennial legal advisory services to JINDA investment fund.

On April 8, JINDA investment fund organized the 2022 self inspection and compliance training, with the participation of company leaders, risk control department, investment department and general affairs department. The lawyer team of the firm was invited to carry out relevant legal lectures and training for the company.

The theme of this training is "compliance self inspection of private fund managers in 2022", mainly focusing on the requirements of the notice on self inspection and self correction of private fund managers in 2022 recently issued by Guangdong securities regulatory bureau. In combination with the requirements of current laws and regulations and rich legal practice experience of private equity funds, lawyer Liao Limin of the team focused on introducing to the participants the supervision and punishment of private equity compliance in recent years, the compliance issues focused on by the private equity fund manager's company operation and private equity fund operation in this self inspection, as well as relevant rectification suggestions. During the training, the company's risk control director Ni Xiaochun, investment director Lin Kaimin and other leaders and employees fully communicated and discussed with the team lawyers on the compliance issues of the private fund manager, the company's independent and compliant operation, private fund raising and investment. The team lawyers answered the relevant questions raised by the participants and clearly put forward solutions and work suggestions.



Founded on November 23, 2016, JINDA investment fund is a professional private equity investment fund management company under Guangdong Hongyu Group Co., Ltd. Hongyu group, the parent company, was founded in 1997. After more than 20 years of practical progress, it has developed into a large modern enterprise group with ceramic manufacturing as the main industry and coordinated development of real estate development, cultural and creative tourism and investment holding. JINDA investment fund focuses on high-end intelligent manufacturing, new materials, new energy and other emerging industries.

The quality of the investment contract signed between the lawyer and the fund is also a high degree of trust of the fund. The lawyer team will serve JINDA investment fund with professional knowledge and serious attitude, and make good use of this cooperation opportunity to continue to explore and improve legal service skills in relevant fields, so as to lay a solid foundation for better serving customers in financial fields such as private equity funds.