Junhou Good News|Our Ouyang Feng was awarded the title of “Golden Intimate Person” of the 2nd Guangzhou City Workers

Release date:2019-05-17

In order to further stimulate the vitality of the legal service lawyers team of the trade unions, and fully demonstrate the role of the lawyers of the trade union legal service lawyers in serving the city's economic development and social harmony and stability, the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions launched the second Guangzhou City “Gold Medals” search activities. . The activity is collected by the municipal and district federations, network praise, and other processes, and is evaluated by a third-party organization in accordance with the standards. On May 8, 2019, the results of the selection were announced. Our party branch secretary and senior partner Ouyang Feng was awarded the title of “Golden intimate person” of the second Guangzhou employees.


About a lawyer

Ouyang Feng Lawyer has held senior management positions in the Human Resources Department of Sinopec and Evergrande Group, and has been engaged in corporate management practice and legal practice for more than 20 years. He is currently a senior partner and party branch secretary of Guangdong Junhou Law Firm. His practice focuses on perennial legal counsel, human resources perennial legal counsel, corporate mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment, real estate, private education, safe production, arbitration and litigation. The field has accumulated rich professional experience and project organization and implementation experience.

He is currently an arbitrator of the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission of China, a mediator of the Higher People's Court of Guangdong Province, a mediator of the docking studio, a mediator of the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court, and a mediator of the Huangpu District People's Court of Guangzhou. Mediator of the Tripartite Joint Mediation Center for Labor and Personnel Disputes, Post-Legislative Evaluation Expert of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress, Member of the Lawyers Working Committee of Tianhe District of Guangzhou, Deputy Director of the Rules and Regulations Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association, and Deputy Director of the Education Law Committee of Guangzhou Lawyers Association And the deputy head of the Guangzhou Trade Union Legal Services Lawyers Group and other social positions. Due to professional achievements, the Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Association has repeatedly won the "Guangdong Province Top Ten Enterprise Rights Protection Excellent Legal Adviser" and the "Protection Social Stability Award" and "Business Achievement Award" issued by the Guangzhou Lawyers Association. Awards and other awards, won the title of the first "Guangzhou City Staff Gold Medal Man" by the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions.