Junhou Public Welfare | Jun Hou Lawyer's “Rule of Law Campus” Public Welfare Course Project is open!

Release date:2019-06-07

On the afternoon of June 4, 2019, deputy secretary and partner of the Party branch of Guangdong Junhou Law Firm, Volunteer Lecturer of the Volunteer Service Team of the Legal Youth League of Guangqing Association, and Zhang Deng, the founder of the “rule of law” public welfare course project of Jun Hou Mr. Min was invited to Guangzhou Guangya Primary School in Liwan District of Guangzhou to bring a charity training course to the classmates of the fourth grade of the school, saying “No!” on campus bullying. This is also the “rule of law” by Jun Hou. The first lesson since the establishment of the public welfare curriculum.

At the lecture site, Zhang Dengmin combined with the characteristics of youth and physical development at the present stage, through specific cases and interactive questions and answers, explained the definition, form and causes of campus bullying in a humorous language. When you are in the face of bullying on campus, you can't "swallow up". You should learn to use legal weapons to protect yourself and build a harmonious campus. The lecture won the active participation and applause of the students. The staff of Lingnan Bayside Neighborhood Committee in Liwan District also brought rich souvenirs, and pushed the classroom atmosphere to one after another.

The gentleman has a good deed, and he has a good morality; Jun Hou’s “Rule of Law Campus” public welfare course project is one of the public welfare projects jointly launched by the management committee and party branch of Guangdong Junhou Law Firm, attracting nearly 30 lawyers (including paralegals and interns). Through continuous publicity and publicity lectures in primary and secondary schools, the concept of the rule of law will be disseminated to teachers and students of primary and secondary schools, the awareness of law-abiding and adolescents will be enhanced, the level of law-raising in primary and secondary schools will be improved, and the strength of lawyers will be enhanced to optimize the rule of law in the basic education of our province.