The Junhou Party Branch organizes all party members to learn the spirit of Yan'an

Release date:2019-05-17

On October 12-16, 2018, the Guangzhou Lawyers' Party Committee organized representatives of the city's lawyers to go to Yan'an, the revolutionary holy place, to hold the "Guangzhou Lawyers' Party Member's Inheritance of Red Genes Special Training Class", which was appointed by the Party Branch of the Institute, Zhang Dengmin The lawyer participated in the training as a student. After the training, in order to timely convey Yanan's learning achievements, the party members were called upon to further carry forward the Yan'an spirit to carry out the party building work of the branch. The party branch of Guangdong Junhou Law Firm held the Yan'an Spiritual Learning Report on October 31, 2018. A total of 15 comrades, party activists and other colleagues attended the meeting.

(Night of Baota Mountain, Yan'an City)

At the meeting, Zhang Dengmin first introduced the connotation of Yan'an spirit, and focused on the spirit of resilience, "emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts", and the spirit of Nanniwan, "self-reliance and hard work". In the four aspects of Zhang Side's spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly, combined with the severe international and domestic situation at that time and the harsh natural environment of Yan'an, it expounded how the Chinese Communist Party led the people through the arduous efforts and made major sacrifices to achieve the war of resistance against Japan. The great victory of the Liberation War and the analysis of the significance of the era of Yan'an spirit never fade.

(Community Party Committee Member, Jun Hou, Chen Mo, speaking for exchange)

At the end of the meeting, the party branch also reported and arranged the contents of party building work into the articles of association, the basic information of the party members of the firm, and the management of mobile party members in the next stage. .