Junhou Party Construction|Branch Party Member Conference to Deploy Party Building Standardization Construction Work

Release date:2019-05-17

On April 25, 2019, the Junhou Party branch held a general meeting of all party members to study and implement the spirit of the training class meeting of the party organization secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice. The conference was presided over by the Party branch secretary, Ouyang Feng, and all the party members, probationary members, and party activists of the office attended the meeting.

First of all, Comrade Zhang Dengmin, deputy secretary of the Party branch, reported on the study of the training class of the party organization secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice. He called on all party members to study hard to improve the party's theoretical knowledge and literacy, and to take the initiative to participate in the construction of the branch; The Guidelines for the Standardization Construction of the Party Branch of the Municipal Law Firm and the Notice of the Party Committee of the Guangzhou Lawyers Industry on the Implementation of the Party Construction Standardization Year, and the mobilization of the 2019 Party Construction Standardization Year.


The second part of the meeting, the comrades of the Party branch organization, Zhou Junwei, organized the preparatory party member Liu Yang to become a formal party member, and the party activist Comrade Luo Zhi’s expiration of the investigation was completed. Party members’ matters were reviewed and voted. After the self-satisfaction of Comrade Liu Yang and Comrade Luo Zhi, the evaluation and promotion of the party's introducers, and the free evaluation of the party members, the meeting voted on the two matters separately. After voting, the number of participants will be The result of the 12-member pass and the passing of more than 20 members of the party, Liu Yang officially became a glorious Communist Party member, and Comrade Luo Zhi successfully passed the inspection. A probationary member.

After the vote was over, Comrade Zhou Junwei vowed that Comrade Liu Yang solemnly vowed to face the party flag. All party members stood up and rejoined the party’s oath. After the continuous infusion of fresh blood, the Junhou Party branch will continue to carry forward the revolutionary fine tradition and practise in the standard firm. And play a more powerful role in promoting the construction and development of the firm.

Finally, Secretary Ouyang Feng made a concluding speech, on behalf of the Party branch, welcomed Comrade Liu Yang to turn positive, Comrade Luo Zhi became a probationary member, and encouraged the party activists who attended the meeting to actively join the party. We will strengthen the team of the branch and the construction of the standard branch, and work together to make the party branch of the Junhou Party renew its vitality and become a new force leading the construction and development of the firm.