The Institute successfully held a special lecture on "Intellectual Property Law Agency Practice"

Release date:2019-05-13

The "Jun Hou Law Big Lecture" Lecture Event officially kicked off

In order to give full play to the guidance, demonstration and leading role of typical cases of intellectual property rights, and comprehensively improve the level of intellectual property legal services of our lawyers, 3month7 was held in the firm. Special lecture on the theory, practice and agency strategy of copyright infringement dispute cases. This lecture invited a partner of the firm and a part-time professor of the Law School of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Li Zhiguo, to give a keynote speech.

Mr. Li first introduced the history of software protection to others, and then analyzed and interpreted software protection objects and protection features from the perspectives of copyright law, patent law and trade secret law, and focused on the theory and constituent elements of software copyright infringement from the perspective of copyright law. Interpretation. At the same time, Mr. Li combined the two cases he handled - "Le Network VS Unicom" and "Tours and Hunan Jiebao" computer software copyright infringement dispute case to the similar infringement dispute case agency strategy case study. In the free discussion session, Li Zhiguo answered the questions of the lawyers present and gave an in-depth discussion on the software copyright infringement agency strategy. The atmosphere was very active.

Mr. Li's profound theoretical knowledge of copyright law and rich experience in copyright disputes have made this lecture interesting and interesting. The number of dry goods is very popular among lawyers. It also triggered the participants' deeper thinking on software copyright infringement disputes.